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Matt Smith On Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who Series 7 Episode

Matt Smith, who plays the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, has promised that Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Series 7 episode will be a “fan favourite”.

Gaiman wrote the series six episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, which won several awards including the 2011 Ray Bradbury Award for ‘Outstanding Dramatic Presentation’ and the 2012 Hugo Award for ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form’.

Asked if Gaiman’s series seven script was linked to his series six episode, Matt told reporters at London’s MCM Expo Comic Con: “No, it’s very different.

“But again I think it will be a fan’s favourite because, well, without giving anything away, it just will be, because there’s something in it.

“Neil’s brilliant ideas will always add a level to Doctor Who, which will be interesting.”

The readthrough of the script took place yesterday and filming is due to begin soon. The Gallifrey Times will try and bring you photos and videos of production when it gets under way.

Below is an interview with Neil Gaiman, thanks to Digital Spy.

Matt went on to talk about Mark Gatiss’s return to the show: “Mark, wonderful writer, wonderful actor, wonderful friend, wonderful man, he is literally the nicest man on the planet, Mark Gatiss.

“He’s just a dream to work with and he really understands the show. He gets it, he gets the Doctor, and you’re always in good hands with him.

“You’ve got Diana Rigg, who’s fantastic, in his episode. We always have high ambitions.”

Finally, Matt Smith was asked about working with Richard E. Grant on the show: “He’s such a pro and such a brilliant villainous actor as well and I’m a huge fan of his.

“For our generation you watch Withnail [And I], and that defines so much for all of us as a film. He very kindly did an impression, ‘Booze. I must have booze! Give me booze!’.

“He’s just a wonderful, kind, clever, brilliant actor. He’s got a lovely spirit and nature and I think he’s perfect for Doctor Who.”