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Matt Smith Talks Series 7: Part 2

Matt Smith was talking about the new series of Doctor Who on Radio 2 this morning, and he revealed some new details on Series 7: Part 2 and the 50th Anniversary.

Smith teased the new series, revealing the long rumoured title of Mark Gatiss’ second episode:

“We start with a monster called the Spoonheads. Imagine if aliens got in your wi-fi, there’s sort of people with Spoonheads, literally. We’ve got an episode on a submarine and Liam Cunningham. We’ve got Diana Rigg playing a sort of witchy old woman in an episode by Mark Gatiss called The Crimson Horror. We’ve got the Cybermen back and monsters old and new. It’s classic old Who really.

He also took part in a Q&A session earlier this week, confirming the title of Neil Cross’ second episode – episode four, The Hider in the House. Talking about the 50th anniversary, Smith stated:

“It’s gonna be an extravaganza of a year for Who. A bit like Bond and Coronation Street when they had their big 50th celebration. It’s gonna be a whopper.”

And on the subject of returning Doctors? Smith remained coy, saying: ‘If I told you, I’d had to kill you!’. The mystery continues…

Doctor Who returns with The Bells of Saint John on Saturday 30th March.