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Matt Smith Would Love 9th & 10th Doctors To Return To Doctor Who

Matt Smith, who plays The Doctor in Doctor Who has revealed that he’d love to see Christopher Eccleston as 9th Doctor and David Tennant as 10th Doctor return to the show for the 50th Anniversary next year.

Answering questions from fans at the Nerd HQ event at Comic-Con 2012, Matt Smith was asked which incarnations of the Time Lord he’d like to see involved in a potential “multiple-Doctors” episode to celebrate the show’s 50th Anniversary next year.

He said: “I think as an event… to get David [Tennant] and Chris[topher Eccleston] back would be amazing,” before being temporarily silenced by the cheers from the audience.

He then added: “I think it would be very difficult to make happen,” he admitted. “But I think that would be really special.”

Matt also revealed that if he could star in an episode with any Doctor, he would choose Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor.

“I love Patrick Troughton – I think he’s just marvellous,” Smith told the audience. “So I’d like to just look him in the eyes as the Doctor as well.”

You can watch the full Q&A session here.