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Matt Smith Would Love Danny Boyle To Direct Doctor Who

Matt Smith, who of course plays the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, has said that he would love Danny Boyle to direct an episode of Doctor Who.

Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, who worked with Danny Boyle for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, said that he wants to write for the series.

Frank Cottrell Boyce said: “I’m always slightly aggrieved that I never got asked to write for Doctor Who. That’s in the same league [as the Olympics]. I’d jump at that.”
Asked how he would feel about Boyce and Boyle reuniting to work on Doctor Who, Matt Smith said: “Danny Boyle, I would just have a heart attack if he came anywhere near Doctor Who.
He added: “I would love it. I just think he is the most brilliant director. I completely admire his work. Everything he does. He adds pace, style – whether it’s zombies or a guy riding a bike on the way to a cliff or a guy running down a street getting hit by a car.
“I think he’s just a brilliantly stylist and the DP [director of photography] that he uses Anthony Dod Mantle is wonderful as well.
“He’s one of my favourite filmmakers around. He’d be an amazing director for Doctor Who, but I don’t think we’d get him.”
“I’d tell you who I’d also think would be great. Edgar Wright. He’d do something brilliant. I think he’d do something really, really clever with it.
“But we’re very lucky to have Steven [Moffat]. I count him in that bracket. I think he’s a genius.”
Would you like to see Danny Boyle and Frank Cottrell Boyce direct an episode of Doctor Who?