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thirteenth doctor barbie doll

Mattel announce new Thirteenth Doctor Barbie doll

There has been a number of Thirteenth Doctor figures released this year, including figures from Funko and Titan, but in a surprise announcement after tonight’s episode, there’s one more rather special doll to add to your collection.

BBC Studios and Mattel have partnered to release the first ever Doctor Who Barbie® doll – a limited edition Thirteenth Doctor Barbie doll, dressed in her now iconic costume and complete with sonic screwdriver accessory.

thirteenth doctor barbie doll

Doctor Who Barbie® doll’s design draws inspiration directly from the Thirteenth Doctor – exploring the universe from her time-traveling TARDIS, she wears a rainbow-striped T-Shirt paired with cropped trousers and a trench coat. Additional true-to-character details include Doctor Who Barbie® doll’s signature suspenders and lace-up boots.

Sonic screwdriver in hand, Doctor Who Barbie® doll is ready to overcome evil forces and save civilisations throughout the galaxy.

thirteenth doctor barbie doll

The doll will be released in December, but is available to pre-order from Monday 8th October from and the Forbidden Planet website for £54.99. Sales are limited to one per customer.