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Merry Christmas From The Gallifrey Times!

I wish it could be Christmas every day…

As everyone knows, there are three great things about Christmas. Presents, turkey (or any vegetarian substitute)… and Doctor Who (no, not Downton Abbey).

This year’s Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song, airs tonight, seeing the Twelfth Doctor come face to face for the first time with old friend and wife River Song, before they’re flung into a madcap chase across the galaxy. Oh, and River doesn’t recognise this new incarnation of the Doctor, so that’s a problem that might need to be solved.

That reunion comes tonight at 5.15pm on BBC One, and we’ll have a poll up straight after the episode at 6.15pm UK time for you to share your opinions on the episode. As usual, we’ll have plenty of the traditional festive posts up right until New Year, including our Question of Christmas poll, a bumper team review of the Special and our 2015 Review of the Year.

But for now, sit back, enjoy the day, and watch an array of Doctor Who stars wish you a happy Christmas:

Merry Christmas from The Gallifrey Times!