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Merry Christmas From The Gallifrey Times!

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you gave it away… 

It’s that day of the year again – Christmas Day! It’s a day for presents, turkey and family – but of course, there’s also the annual present waiting under the (virtual) tree in the evening.

This year’s Christmas Special, Last Christmas, airs tonight, seeing the Doctor and Clara come face to face with Santa Claus at a North Pole base under siege. It’s been mostly shrouded in secrecy – and no plot element more so than the potential departure of companion Clara Oswald. Will she stay? Will she go? Will she make it out of Christmas alive?

All of the answers await at 6.15pm on BBC One – and we’ll have a poll up straight after the episode at 7.15pm UK time to share your thoughts on the special. We’ll also have plenty of festive posts for you all this week – with our special Question of Christmas poll, team review and 2014 Review of the Year all coming in the following days!

But for now, sit back, enjoy the day and listen to this amazing Christmas song:

Merry Christmas from The Gallifrey Times Team!