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Doctor Who Fan Speaks To His 12-Year-Old-Self

Actor and film-maker Jeremiah McDonald has been a rabid Doctor Who fan since 12 years old. In fact, he even left himself a video tape asking his future-self important questions such as, is he still a Who fan 20 years on? Does he still have hair?

Now 32, Jeremiah has watched the tape, filmed himself answering the questions and edited it together to create a seamless interview. It’s an endearing creation.

It’s hard to believe this is the same person talking to himself and it makes me wonder how Jeremiah managed not to lose his script! But this video does capture a desire Who fans can probably relate to: the ability to look into the future or the past. If only we could talk to our younger selves or catch a glimpse of who we’ll become. Perhaps the Doctor will choose me for his next companion? I can dream.