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Michelle Gomez Interview: Missy Role Is “A Dream Come True”

In a recent interview with the Daily Express, Michelle Gomez has spoken about her role as Missy, introduced in series 8 of Doctor Who. She enthused about how appearing in 2014’s two-part finale Dark Water and Death In Heaven was a dream come true:

“It’s a dream come true actually. There I was, a wee skinny lass hiding behind the sofa from the Zygons, and now in real life I’m running about with the Cybermen. Very surreal.”

When asked about her reprisal of the role in the forthcoming series 9 two-part opener, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, Michelle was suitably tight-lipped to prevent any spoilers:

“Heaven knows what Missy is up to this year. I am a loyal fan and will not spoil the fun.”

Having lived in America for a number of years, Michelle is aware of her level of fame and the growing international popularity of Doctor Who:

“There is a big Doctor Who fanbase over here, so I’m stopped for that quite a bit.”

Michelle is currently starring in Heather’s American Medicine, a web comedy series produced by Wildseed Comedy. Her upcoming appearances in the wider Whoniverse include a Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic Con and hosting duties at the US shows of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. Missy will perhaps be causing mischief on our screens in early September, according to latest rumours.

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[Source: Kasterborous]