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Moffat And Capaldi Respond To Rumours Of Shorter Series

After The Mirror’s article announcing a shorter series for Series 10, rumours have been spreading about Capaldi’s involvement in the show and plans for less episodes next series. But do not fear, Steven Moffat has confirmed that this is not true.

Moffat told confirmed that the series will not be cut short. He explained:

We’re making a full series. I can confirm that. I’m making a full series of 12 episodes, plus a Christmas special. 

It’s not being reduced in size. We’re not making fewer episodes. That’s all complete bunk. I can confirm that absolutely.

Capaldi himself told BBC Entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba:

He also spoke to The Guardian about his disappointment with the scheduling of Series 9:

I feel it’s slightly used as a pawn in a Saturday night warfare. I feel as if it should go out at 7.30pm or around that time. 

I see a lot of kids and a lot of families and these families who all love Doctor Who want to sit down and watch it together. Once you get past 8.15pm, you’re getting yourself into adult territory and although a lot of adults really like it, at its heart, it’s designed to do a lot of entertaining of children as well. So I think it begins to move into a zone it doesn’t quite belong in.

Moffat also addressed this issue when asked about falling viewing figures:

I don’t think 8.25pm is brilliant for Doctor Who. If there’s a slight, and it’s only a slight, drop off, it’s I think, that’s not where Doctor Who’s meant to be. Doctor Who’s not designed and built to go out at 8.25pm. It’s for earlier in the evening. We’re doing fine, once you put the consolidated and then if you do the wicked thing that you’re not supposed to do of adding on iPlayer as well, we’re doing fine.

Although there has been no transmission date for Series 10 announced, with speculation that it could be pushed beyond Autumn 2016, Moffat explained that he has no control over this:

I don’t know when it goes out. That’s up to someone else. And even if I did know – which I genuinely don’t – I wouldn’t be allowed to say so as I have absolutely no say in it whatsoever.