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Moffat discusses the future of Doctor Who

Love him or hate him, Steven Moffat has a lot of Doctor Who experience and has had a hand in guiding the show into becoming what it is today. With a new show runner taking over, many people are unsure as to what we can expect for the future of Doctor Who. Moffat has recently chimed in on what his views are in for the future of the show a recent interview with Digital Spy.

Since the reboot Doctor Who has stuck with a smaller TARDIS team. Generally coupling a male Doctor with one female companion, such as 9 and Rose or 11 and Clara. We did see a few double companion teams with Amy and Rory, or more recently with Bill and Nardole. However, the newly announced three companion TARDIS team has left many people wondering if it will be too crowded. When asked if he was a fan of the larger team dynamic Moffat explained, “I always have been, yes. A lot of the time, if you look at the ones I’ve personally written, I’ve rarely written with just one companion”.

The classic Doctor Who years often featured larger TARDIS teams. Newer fans of the show may not be familiar with how this affects the story, being more accustomed to the modern era dynamics. Though we are unsure as to exactly how the new team will play out and whether or not it will reflect any relation to the classic episodes. Moffat remarked, “I think they’re going to have a much bigger range of companions, I really don’t know much about what they’re doing but it looks like they’re going to do that and, I think, it works”.

Moffat suggests that having more companions or focusing on the companion as the main character is essential to the show, stating, “You want enough of a supporting cast to keep the Doctor out of the way, because the Doctor kills the plot”. In Moffat’s eyes, this is how the Doctor is allowed to truly shine as the sort of hero of the show. The Doctor is there to save the day, but the real plot exists in the disasters or the problems that require the Doctor to be there, or as Moffat explains:

“Sometimes you don’t want the Doctor on the screen, sometimes you want people screwing up on their own, or being menaced by monsters on their own and talking and wondering about it. The Doctor always comes in and sorts it out.”

When asked if he thought it was conceivable for Doctor Who to adopt the instantly bingeable direction of a Netflix program, being available all at once, rather than airing one episode at a time, Moffat said, “Can I conceive a future where this happens? Yes”. He elaborated:

“I think television is changing massively. I think the idea of dropping a whole series and letting people find it, letting people watch it and binge it – I think it’s coming. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.”

The writer and former show runner admits that he is himself guilty of binge watching shows and suggests that people are showing a preference for it, as compared to the more traditional release format. He even went so far as to suggest, “I think TV scheduling is going to disappear”.

If this is the direction Doctor Who is going to take in the future, would that be preferred by the fans? Or do they perhaps enjoy the traditional weekly viewings that give them something to look forward to each week? Feel free to voice your views in the comment section.