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Moffat on Doctor Who’s Popularity in America

Seven Moffat has claimed to know the secret behind Doctor Who‘s popularity in America.

Moffat attributed the show’s recent success on BBC America (with the promotional world tour heading to New York this August) to the show’s ‘Britishness’, stating:

‘If Americans choose to watch a British show they’ll want it to feel British’ 

Moffat also claimed that there is no ‘amped up’ Britishness in the show but simply being made in Britain (though the show has made many trips outside the UK, the latest being a trip to Lanzarote for Series 8) is enough to make it feel British, rather than the content of Doctor Who‘s episodes making it feel British.

Are you an American fan of Doctor Who? Do you agree with Moffat’s comments? Leave a comment below!

[Source: Mirror]