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Moffat On The Doctor’s Love And The Show’s Success

Steven Moffat has recently shared some fresh views on Doctor Who in an interview with Jaci Stephen at a New York Bafta event.

He talks of his renewed belief in the staying power of the show, admitting first that when he initially took over from showrunner Russell T Davies, half way through the modern era of Who, he had expected he would be responsible for the period leading up to when the show might be phased out again. He explains:

I’ll be honest, I thought when I took it over, and it was more or less said to me – I took over about half-way through the ten years [of nuWho] – I thought I was there to preside over the gentle, respectable and decent decline, because that’s what happens to shows that run for a long while.

He goes on to mention how this might be typical of other big BBC productions:

They don’t just plunge off a cliff, but they go gently down. Every big show gets slightly less big, that’s a reality.

Moffat however is very firm in stating:

As an entity Doctor Who will go on forever. I think it will go off from time to time but then it will just come back 

Looking back to when Doctor Who faded away for some considerable time following 1989, Moffat jokes:

If axing it for 15 years didn’t work I’m not sure what could kill it!  

Steven Moffat’s thoughts steer onto a more raunchy aspect of Doctor Who, and he takes a cheeky stance as he alludes to the Doctor’s feelings towards some companions, not least Clara. He says:

We’re in a very different place with the Doctor and Clara in the modern series, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the early stages of the Twelfth Doctor trying to pretend he doesn’t fancy Clara

Again he jokes about the reverse psychology tactic of the Doctor, highlighting the Twelfth Doctor’s attitude of:

Oh you’re ugly, disgusting, stop looking so good!  

Moffat becomes more serious in saying:

In truth, I think in most cases with the Doctor his tragedy is he always loves them more than they love him. That’s his story. He’s always besotted with them even though he’s trying to pretend that he isn’t

In any case it feels like Doctor Who‘s showrunner is sufficiently in tune with the audience in seeing the deeper facets of love that are apparent with the Doctor and who he chooses to travel with.

In regard to Series 9 filming, Moffat admits he’s finding it tough work as he reveals:

I’ve got a script where I’ve set my self a ludicrous challenge. When episode 11 comes up in the next series of Doctor Who, you’ll see just how ludicrous a challenge I set myself. I’m in a state of panic about it!

The fun will all begin again in the Autumn!

[Source: Radio Times]