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Moffat On River Song’s Return: Peter And Alex Are “Lovely Together”

With the announcement back in September that River Song would be returning for this year’s Christmas special, many fans have been waiting for more details. In an interview with the Observer this week, Moffat teased a bit about the upcoming special, saying:

“That’s been a riot to do. And that’s been sort of a big fun chase episode, really. Just Mr. and Mrs. Who battling their way past nonsense and that’s been great fun. They’re lovely together, they are.

Alex [Kingston] is always great value. It’s time we saw her back being a kick ass hero instead of playing mums and sisters and all that. It’s a waste of her.”

Moffat also discussed the possibility of the sonic screwdriver returning, after its controversial replacement with the sonic sunglasses, and whether we will see River receiving her own sonic screwdriver from the Doctor to bring the Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead storyline full circle:

“Well, I’m not answering your second question [about the future sonic]! That has to be the answer to that. As to whether or not we’ll see the sonic screwdriver again, of course we will!”

He also took time to talk about what he’s most proud of with series 9, and what he’s looking forward to for series 10:

“I’m proud that we get to the end of the series and it all looks pretty and is nice. I’m just embarking on the new one and it’s terrifying. I have to make all that again.”

River Song returns to Doctor Who in the still-untitled Christmas special this Christmas Day.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]