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Moffat On Series 8, The Master, And Other Who-Related Matters

Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat was recently interviewed at the Gallifrey One convention about various matters concerning the show’s 50th Anniversary, as well as its general future.

When asked about the 50th Anniversary, Moffat replied:

“A lot of things are going on. Don’t believe the nonsense about one 60-minute film. That is complete nonsense!”

When asked about a possible return of the Master, Moffat answered:

“I think there’s a danger with giving the Doctor an arch enemy like
that. It’s sort of limiting and a little bit cartoony. I thought Russell
T Davies making him a complete lunatic was really, really brilliant. I
did think he sort of ended that story. [Bringing him back] comes down to
one thing: do you have a great idea or not? But it’s certainly not off
the table.”

When asked Series 8 production, Moffat said:

 “I’ve just started planning the next series and I’m going to swing [the arc] a slightly different way again.”

Last but not least, when asked about the future of Matt Smith as the current Doctor, Moffat joked:

“[He’s staying] forever! For the rest of time.”

You can watch the entire interview video here.