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Moffat Remains Coy Over Possible Multi-Doctor 50th Anniversary Episode

Steven Moffat is in no position to reveal anything regarding a possible ‘multi-Doctor’ episode next year to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.

Speaking to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday, Moffat said: “I’m not telling you,” said Moffat. Then the host replied: “That means a yes,” Moffat added: “Is it? Oh good.” 

On the subject of past Doctors, Moffat said: “I saw [David Tennant] the other night, he’s in very good form,”  

“He’s a mate of mine. We went for the dinner the other night. I showed him photos of the new series.” 

After describing Sylvester McCoy as a “cracking Doctor”, Richard Bacon asked if he would also be involved in a possible multi-Doctor episode next year. Moffat still refused to comment on the subject and remained tight lipped.