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Moffat Says Doctor Who Film Not Happening

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has seemingly squashed all speculation of a big screen Who production being in the works. Well, I say seemingly but “There isn’t a film.” from the guy who runs the show seems fairly conclusive.

Given Moffat’s predilection for cryptic hints and encouraging fan speculation, an outright denial is rare and sorry as I am to say it, looks like the final nail in the phantom film project’s coffin.

Moffat also spoke a little about how a potential Who film would go. He mentioned keeping it firmly under the control of the BBC in general and the incumbent Who team in particular, as well as setting himself firmly against the idea of a rebooted or alternate continuity for any such film. It’s his belief that to set a Who film outside of the current continuity with a new actor would be “writing the book on how to destroy a franchise”.