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Moffat Speaks About Series 9

Steven Moffat was in talkative mood at Wednesday’s House of Fraser’s Bafta TV Awards Nominees party. In particular Moffat was full of praise for Peter Capaldi in the way Series 9 is coming to life.

In the interview with Digital Spy, he explains just how much Capaldi has grown into the role of the Doctor:

I was looking at some of his first series and just thinking it’s magnificent but it’s nothing like what he’s doing now. There’s always a feeling when a new Doctor comes in – and it’s not necessarily a bad thing – but you think that’s Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Now it’s just the Doctor. He can be more madcap, he can do all the things. He’s no longer worried about being like Matt or anything. It’s not different, it’s just more.

Speaking further about Series 9, Moffat tells us just how well it is going so far:

The thrilling thing about it is you are getting to see that second series Capaldi performance which is quite stunning actually. There is something that happens when the part becomes theirs. It happened with Matt, it happened with David. He’s just on amazing form at the moment

Moffat goes on to speak about long serving companion Clara, explaining a bit about her storyline:

It’s very pronounced, she continues to complicate

Also he talks about Missy, the new incarnation of the Master, and what to expect from her appearance with the Doctor in a 2-part special. He playfully says:

The Doctor’s best friend is a murdering psychopath, what are we going to do with that!

Source [DoctorWhoTv]