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Moffat Teases Mid Series Cliffhanger


As earlier reported by The Gallifrey Times, Series 6 of Doctor Who will be split into two parts, with a ‘massive’ cliffhanger separating them.

Today, an snippet of an interview with Moffat, from Doctor Who Magazine was released.
He speaks about The Doctor’s, Amy’s and Rory’s life changing for ever:

There will be a huge cliffhanger… that we wouldn’t normally do at the end of a series of Doctor Who because it would be too long before it came back,” Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine. “[It is] an enormous, game-changing cliffhanger for the Doctor, Amy and Rory. It will change everything for them.

You will see the Doctor’s life change forever, you will gasp in astonishment at the true nature of his relationship with Amy and you will cry out in horror as Rory Williams stumbles to the brink of a tragic mistake.

He also comments on Series 6 in general:

So what can I tell you about next series? The startling truth about Idris’ new soul – even the Doctor doesn’t believe her! The frankly appalling revelation concerning the one person in the universe the Doctor trusts the most? Would you like to peek inside a cupboard that will chill your blood, or meet a workforce that will haunt your dreams? Have you ever wondered about Apollo Ten and a half? And have you already guessed that River Song is …

It looks like Series 6 is going to be very exciting!