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Neil Cross Talks His Two Doctor Who Episodes

Neil Cross, creator of popular BBC crime drama Luther, has been talking about his two upcoming episodes of Doctor Who. Cross has penned episode two of the new series, rumoured to be titled The Rings of Akhaten, and episode four, rumoured to be titled Phantom of the Hex.

Cross talked about the experience of being asked to write for Doctor Who, saying:

“When [Steven Moffat] asked me, I went ‘absolutely’, then put down the phone and said, ‘Holy s**t’. The challenge was to do something that has never been done before in 50 years of the show. Doctor Who is a show made by people who love Doctor Who. To be asked back to write more is as much a recognition of my love of Doctor Who as my ability. (Jenna-Louise Coleman) has everything that’s needed to be an A1 classic Doctor Who companion… It looks like it’s going to be, if not the best yet, certainly among the best Doctor Who seasons yet.”

Doctor Who will return with The Bells of St John on Saturday 30 March.