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Neil Matthews IS The Doctor!

Well… I’m not, actually. Sorry (I just always wanted to
write that headline). I am, however, a new member of the Gallifrey Times team.  The first Doctor I can remember watching was the fourth, played
by the incomparable Tom Baker.  What else can I remember from all my Doctor Who experiences? 
Among other things:

Running downstairs as a little boy when I heard
the theme tune, only to discover it was some BBC Schools spoof with a companion
called ‘Sally Ann’…

Finding out that my father’s shop had begun to
stock something called Doctor Who Weekly

Cheering with the rest of the audience at the
1986 DWAS convention as the live screening of part 1 of Trial of a Time Lord began with that model shot…

Standing in a bookshop in Buckinghamshire as a
Silurian head almost decapitated Colin Baker…

Realising after Rose that the new-look series was going to be good…

Seeing a 16-year-old student a year or two ago,
decked out in full 10th Doctor outfit…

Eating little Dalek cakes, complete with edible
ball bearings, made by my long-suffering wife, who is also a fan…

And, most recently, being on the TARDIS set in

I’m looking forward to bringing you news from the weird and wonderful world of Doctor Who.  I’m on Twitter as NMatthews68, so I look forward to seeing you there and here!