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Nerd Block Releases First Official Doctor Who Block

Subscription boxes have become very popular in recent years – with people signing up and receiving boxes of merchandise each month – and never one to be behind the times, the Doctor is getting in on the action too.

Nerd Block, one of the leading subscription box services, have teamed up with BBC Worldwide to create an official Doctor Who ‘block’. 

Attention, Whovians! Nerd Block and BBC are partnering to bring you the Doctor Who Official Block! Straight from Gallifrey, we’re packing the mini-TARDIS full of wibbly wobbly merch, exclusive wearables, and collectible items just for you. Experience the time-bending magic of getting officially licensed and exclusive items from your favorite Time Lords.

How will we fit so much awesomeness into one Block? It’s much bigger on the inside! Every other month, you’ll get a brand new assortment of hand-curated timey-wimey exclusives you won’t find anywhere else.  

The bi-monthly subscription box contains officially licensed merchandise, including some exclusive or limited edition items. One such item included in the Doctor Who Block is an exclusive Tenth Doctor figure from Titan.

Nerd Block have also partnered with Titan Merchandise to be able to offer the the 6.5″ figure inspired by Tennant’s worn appearance in the 2010 special The End of Time.

Titan Merchandise’s Marketing Officer, James Watson, said of the exclusive figure:

“We’re big David Tennant fans, and we wanted something special for the first Doctor Who Block! We wanted to give the fans something that would look great on a shelf (hence the larger scale) as well as pay tribute to an iconic moment in the show’s history!

“We’ve been producing a Tenth Doctor TITAN for a number of years – the original designs were approved by David Tennant at the start of TITANS history! And we had a lot of help from the BBC in getting this design approved”

The subscription box is available for $49.99 from the Nerd Block website here.