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New 5″ Doctor Who Figures At Toys “R” Us

It has been announced that Character Options has teamed up with Toys “R” Us to bring a collection of 11 new figures to the UK. The new 5 inch figures have been created in response to demand from Doctor Who fans asking to see newer characters in the original format. They will include:

  • Clara Oswald
  • Rose Tyler (with K9)
  • Amy Pond (in police outfit)
  • Three Eleventh Doctor figures (purple jacket, stetson and with the sonic screwdriver)
  • Four Twelfth Doctor figures (white, black, purple or polka dot)
  • Eighth Doctor (Night of the Doctor outfit)

As well as these new 5″ figures, they will also be releasing four new 3.75″ Wave 4 figures.

Al Dewar, Product Development Director, Character Options said of the new releases:

This collector’s series is really special. The fans have been requesting a return to the 5.5 inch format for a long time and in producing this collection I feel we have brought to them exactly what they have been demanding. The most exciting part for me however, is the creation of the Eighth Doctor figure, which is often seen as the missing piece for the true Doctor Who collector.

Mike Coogan, Marketing & eCommerce Director, Toy “R” Us added:

Toy “R” Us has a particular affinity with the Doctor Who fan and each year we like to bring to them something that they could not get anywhere else. This new series is exceptional and I believe one of the most comprehensive collector’s series to date – It will be an instant hit with all collectors.

The figures are available to purchase from the Toys “R” Us website here.