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New Christmas stories for Doctor Who‘s monsters

Every Whovian loves Christmas. Because no matter if you celebrate it or not, there is always a festive special to look forward to each year. Even in 2016, a year when no season of Doctor Who had aired, fans were provided with a Christmas episode.

This year, we will get a new short stories collection from BBC Books to add to that Christmas spirit. Twelve Angels Weeping, written by chrildren’s author Dave Rudden, will include 12 new stories featuring some of the Doctor‘s most famous enemies. The Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Daleks are all said to have an appearance, as well as some of the friendlier aliens – like the Ood.

The book was described as ”perfect for sharing as the wintry nights start drawing in” in an official release. Readers can follow along as these frightening monsters face some peculiarly Christmas-themed experiences, making the book a great choice for a gift this holiday season.

The official summary says:

Playing on the well-known countdown style of the Twelve Days of Christmas, each self-contained story focuses on a different nemesis in new and imaginative ways, from dark plots to daring heists to the tragedy lurking behind every Cyber-mask.
Perfect for sharing as the wintry nights start drawing in, Twelve Angels Weeping promises to frighten and delight both old and new fans of The Doctor.

The writer, Dave Rudden, said that Doctor Who was the show that inspired him to be a writer, both inspiring and terrifying him in equal measure.

“To be handed the most exciting and twisted pantheon of monsters in fiction is an honour and a challenge, and I’m so excited to share my vision of these villains with fans and new readers alike.” – Dave Rudden

The book will be available for purchase on October 11th. It will cost fans 17.99 USD/₤12.99 GBP for hardcover or 12.99 USD/₤8.99 GBP for digital download. An audio version will also be available at the time of publishing.