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New City Of Death Novelisation Writer Announced

Gareth Roberts, writer of numerous Doctor Who books and scripts, announced on Twitter that he is no longer working on a novelisation of the 1979 Doctor Who serial City of Death. The book will instead be written by author and former Doctor Who website editor James Goss, whose previous works include the Twelfth Doctor novel The Blood Cell and the Tenth Doctor audio book Dead Air. Goss is also one of the first authors to write a novel for the Twelfth Doctor, with the recent The Blood Cell.

City of Death is one of the most watched stories in the programme’s history and a firm fan favourite. The story was originally written by producer Graham Williams and script editor Douglas Adams, based on a story idea by David Fisher. Because of rights issues, a novelisation of the story was never produced during the original Target Books run.
In October last year, it was announced that Roberts would finally write a novelisation for the story – following the success of a novelisation of Shada – and would be due for release this year. There is currently no information on when Goss’s version of City of Death will be available.