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New Doctor Who Audios – Philip Hinchcliffe Presents

Tom Baker will return as the Fourth Doctor in a series of new adventures from Big Finish. Written by former producer Philip Hinchcliffe and Ghost Light writer Marc Platt, the new adventures will also feature Louise Jameson as companion Leela.

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents (Credit: Big Finish)Philip Hinchcliffe Presents
Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson
Written by Philip Hinchcliffe and Marc Platt
Released September 2014

Former Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe has been reunited with his stars, Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, for ten brand new episodes of Doctor Who made for audio at Big Finish.

Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents will consist of two epic full-cast stories, filled with all the drama and chills that marked Hinchcliffe’s era of the TV show.

The Ghosts of Gralstead is a six-part adventure, and it finds the Doctor and Leela returning to Victorian London, in the year 1860:

At St Clarence’s Hospital, respected surgeon Sir Edward Scrivener requires the bodies of the dead… At Doctor McDivett’s Exhibition of Living Wonders and Curiosities, miracles are afoot… And in Gralstead House, the ghost will walk again. Mordrega has come to Earth…

Carolyn Seymour – who is known for Quantum LeapStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Voyager and, notably, for playing Abby Grant in the originalSurvivors – plays Mordrega. Sir Edward is played by Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones).

The second, four-part adventure is called The Devil’s Armada:

The TARDIS materialise in Sissenden Village in the sixteenth century. Catholic priests are hunted, so-called witches are drowned in the ducking stool, and in the shadows the Vituperon are watching… and waiting…

Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents also includes a special hour-long documentary featuring interviews with Tom, Louise, Philip and the cast, and is released in September.

The set of CDs will be launched at Big Finish Day 5 in Slough, which will be attended by Baker, Hinchliffe and Carolyn Seymour.