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New Doctor Who Coding Game Available

The best of both worlds: an adventure game featuring the Doctor which also teaches coding to kids! This game, called “The Doctor and the Dalek,” has been previously available on the CBBC website, but can now be downloaded onto tablets via Google Play, Apple, and Amazon.

The adventure game was written by Phil Ford, no stranger to the Doctor Who universe. He wrote for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as Doctor Who (“The Waters of Mars” and “Into the Dalek”). “The Doctor and the Dalek” sees the Twelfth Doctor pair up with an unlikely ally: a Dalek! Together they face a series of challenges against the Doctor’s greatest enemies, puzzles which can only be solved through coding. Special coding puzzles unlock new abilities for the Doctor as well. This new tablet version contains four new levels, and an ending to the game.

The game was conceived as part of the BBC’s Make it Digital initiative, whose goal is to involve more people in computer programming and coding.

The Executive Producer of BBC Doctor Who Interactive, Jo Pearce, said of the game:

“The Doctor and the Dalek has had a great response from children, parents and teachers. The one overriding request was for a tablet version.

The new levels, with our updated resources from BBC Learning, allow children to take their skills a little further… and help the Doctor save the universe!”

[Source: Digital Spy]