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New Doctor Who Comics Featuring The Twelfth Doctor Coming Soon

Titan Comics announced this week that they will be
introducing a new line of comics featuring the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi,
in October after the new series airs. They are also launching a series with the
Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. 
It will be written by Robbie Morrison, art
contributed by Dave Taylor, both of whom have previously worked on comics by 2000AD,
among others. Cover art for all three series will be painted by Alice X. Zhang,
known for her beautiful and ethereal Doctor Who artwork (her DeviantArt account
may be found here).
No plot details for the comics are known at this time,
remaining as secret as the nature of the Twelfth Doctor himself. It seems only
Time will tell…
Are you looking forward to seeing the new Doctor in comic
form? How do you think it will impact the new series and new fans who seem to
pour in every day? Leave a comment below!