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New Doctor Who Fanzine: The Gallifrey Archives

The Gallifrey Archives is a new fanzine that will be launching in November. The debut issue will focus on the First Doctor and the start of Doctor Who. The following details on its contents have been released:

  • The Genesis of Doctor Who: A look at the formation of the show
  • The life and legacy of William Hartnell
  • William Hartnell: In His Own Words
  • The Creators Tale: The Career of Sydney Newman
  • Groovy Baby: The events of 1963 and how they shaped the show we love
  • Departure by John O’Rouke: Finally the story of the Doctor and Susan’s flight from Gallifrey is revealed
  • An Unearthly Child: In Colour
  • Scrapbook: Chronicling Doctor Who in the media
  • Review of An Unearthly Child and episodes 1 & 2 of The Daleks

The zine will be available in both print and online formats. The print version of the Gallifrey Archives is available to pre-order from here. After 1st November, the print version will be unavailable. The online digital copy will be available the same week as print shipping.