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New Doctor Who Figurine Collection!

Publishers Eaglemoss have announced a brand new fortnightly Doctor Who Figurine Collection magazine in time for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Readers will be able to journey through 50 years of the iconic TV show by discovering facts behind the different incarnations of the Doctor and his greatest foes. Every issue comes with a richly illustrated guide providing all of the essential information about the figurines and will be filled with official photography from the BBC archives.

Each figurine is 1:21 scale, with measurements taken from original props and the BBC archives. Digital modelling allows the sculptors to include an incredible level of detail, ensuring the finished total of 80 figurines are as accurate as possible.

The collection launched on Wednesday 28th August at an introductory price of £2.99, and the first issue comes with a figurine of the Eleventh Doctor.

Issue 2 will be available from Thursday 12th September, featuring a figurine of Davros from Journey’s End. From this date, the magazine will be published fortnightly and will cost £6.99.
More information can be found on the official website