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New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer To Air August 2nd

With the première of the much hyped seventh series fast approaching, there’s been a surprising lack of teaser footage or promotional stills. That will change come August 2nd, when BBC 1 will air a new trailer.

There’s no news on what the trailer will contain, though there probably won’t be anything of Jenna-Louise Coleman who I imagine they’re saving for a trailer that’ll air closer to her first appearance. Other upcoming shows will also be getting trailers during the Olympic coverage, the throngs of people watching the Summer Games being the prime time to get this kind of stuff out and all.

A full list of such shows can be found in the Source link, but the one I think will most be of interest to Whovians is Merlin, the BBC 1 fantasy show about the young years of Arthur Pendragon and Merlin, who has been reimagined as an apprentice magician instead of the wise old man of myth.