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Gallifrey: Time War Vol. 2

New Gallifrey: Time War box set from Big Finish

After a set of four stories, Big Finish continue the saga of the Doctor’s home planet and the Great Time War.

Set to be released in March of 2019, the box set will pick up after the events of Gallifrey: Time War Volume One, following the characters Romana and Narvin as they witness the gradual destruction of their planet. Who survives? Only time will tell.

The four stories are as follows:

1. Havoc by David Llewellyn
2. Partisans by Una McCormack
3. Collateral by Lisa McMullin
4. Assassins by Matt Fitton

The Time Lords and the Daleks have opposed one another across millennia. But now, their conflict tips into an all-out Time War, and nowhere across the universe of spacetime is safe.

Battle plans will be drawn, allies recruited, and innocents caught in the crossfire.

Gallifrey is going to war, and the cosmos will never be the same again.

Further details to be revealed.

Gallifrey: Time War Volume Two cover

A new incarnation of the Lord president played by Terrence Hardiman (best known for portraying The Demon Headmaster in the children’s BBC series of the same name) will join Lalla Ward as Romana and Seán Carlsen as Narvin.

Director and writer, Scott Handcock, comments on the upcoming release:

I’ve felt very lucky to play in the Gallifrey sandbox for its most recent releases, but it’s an even bigger thrill to take us into the Time War and explore how that epic, devastating event impacts upon the lives of our characters.

You can pre-order Gallifrey: Time War Volume Two on the Big Finish website, the 5-disc CD set for £35 or the digital copy for £30.

Listen to the trailer here: