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New Official Doctor Who Merchandise From Lovarzi

Have you ever watched Remembrance of the Daleks and thought to yourself “I’d love a jumper like that.”? I know I have. And now you can get one!

Following the success of the Fourth Doctor scarf, the UK’s leading online scarf retailer, Lovarzi, is releasing a new range of products, in partnership with BBC Worldwide, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.

The first in this new range is the Seventh Doctor’s inimitable jumper. Also available are the silk scarf and 100% cotton handkerchief. Both of these replicate the ones worn by Sylvester McCoy from his debut in Time and the Rani, which were designed by Ken Trew in 1987.

The range also includes another of the Fourth Doctor’s trademark scarves. This one is the darker burgundy scarf as worn by Tom Baker from 1980’s The Leisure Hive until his final episode, Logopolis. The scarf is 13ft (3.96m) in length and 10″ wide.

The final product in the new range is an original design; a reversible Dalek Scarf, available in blue & light grey or grey & charcoal. The scarf is made in Italiy using the finest quality wool and modal.

The director of Lovarzi, Manider Singh Sahota, said:

After the success of the Doctor Who Scarf last year, it is great to offer Doctor Who fans some other classic products. We are dedicated to providing fans with fine quality products which I’m certain they’ll love.

Alex Carter-Jones, a Business Development Manager from Forbidden Planet said:

Following on from the hugely successful Fourth Doctor Replica Scarf this range of new scarves and knitwear for the Seventh Doctor looks set to be a real fan favourite. Alongside this the addition of the burgundy Fourth Doctor scarf to the range makes for a great way to continue upon the line from last year.

The Seventh Doctor Jumper, Silk Scarf and Handkerchief, The Fourth Doctor’s Burgundy Scarf and Dalek Scarf will all be available for pre-order from, Forbidden Planet, and the Doctor Who Experience from September 2013.

So, will you be buying any of these? Comment below. Or even better, send us a photo of you in your spiffing new jumper when you get it.