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New Who Girl – Jade’s Introduction

I began my love affair with Doctor Who when it was brought back to life by the fabulous Russell T Davies. Christopher did a fantastic job reprising the role of a much loved characted, although I feel he left too soon. I would definitely love to see Christopher back for the 50th, seeing as he was my first Doctor and made me fall in love with the show. Ever since Christopher muttered that word…’Run’, I have been hooked.

My favourite companion has to be the fantastic, Donna Noble, that could be a controversial choice, but instead of having the usual situation of having the Doctor being adored, Donna believed that she was just as important as the Doctor and wasn’t afraid to tell him that. Their partnership was incredible, which in turn created comedy gold moments.
My favourite episode of Doctor Who has to be ‘Partners In Crime’. The scene where the Doctor and Donna meet, which the writers cleverly made us wait for 25 minutes before that finally happened, has to be the funniest moment in Doctor Who history.
I’m very excited to be contributing to ‘The Gallifrey Times’, especially in this exciting Doctor Who year. Did you know it’s the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary this year?
In the word of the 11th Doctor….’Geronimo’