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Nicholas Pegg fired after including a cryptic offensive message in DWM

Nicholas Pegg is known to fans as one of the main Dalek operators since 2005, but he has also been the man behind the entertaining Wotcha column on the final page of Doctor Who Magazine. But not anymore.

It was first pointed out in the Mirror that Pegg, under the pen name The Watcher, left a cryptic message in his column in issue #518 of DWM.

If you take the first letter of every sentence, it spells out: Panini and BBC Worldwide are c*nts.
Panini are the publishers of the magazine, while the BBC distributes the TV series.
There is even a clue at the end, as Pegg himself writes, “If you look hard enough, there is always something hidden in plain sight.”
Nicholas Pegg Doctor Who Magazine DWM Panini and BBC Worldwide
A BBC Worldwide spokesman told the Mirror:

“The matter was raised with the publisher who has dismissed the writer.”

It was also revealed that Pegg was not expected to be involved in Series 11. 
It’s unknown why he included this attack, but fans have speculated that it may be over a decision not to release a DVD of the unfinished Shada.

Although it was wrong – and we obviously don’t condone his actions or agree with his message – you’ve got to hand it to him, that’s a clever way to make your exit.