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Nick Briggs Talks How Life Is As A Dalek

This is Nottingham have a report and interview of the Dalek voice, Nick Briggs. He states how life was as a dalek alongside Billie Piper and David Tennant.

“Billie asked me to speak as a Dalek down the phone to some of her friends,” he says.

When Nick repeated the story to journalists, a reporter asked, “Did she get you to phone Chris Evans?”

Briggs replied, “No.”

The next day in the newspaper the headline was: Billie Tells Chris He’s Exterminated. “On the plus side, they put my age as 35,” said Nick, who’s actually 47!

When he knew that David Tennant should take over the role from Eccelston, he said, “I met him and told him he should go for the role. He said, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting idea’,” recalls Nick. “In fact, he already had the part but he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.”

Then he confirmed that his voice controlled the Dalek’s lights!, “Plus, there’s the fact that my voice activates the flashing lights on the Dalek.”

He revealed that he has not yet met the 11th doctor, Matt Smith.

Will there be Daleks in the new series?
“You get shot at dawn if you reveal secrets,” he says. “But could you have a series of Doctor Who without the Daleks?”

There is quite a lot of interview, so much we can’t fit it on one post, but they are the main things, if you wish to read the full post click HERE!