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Night Terrors – Spoiler Free Teasers

Cult Box have released some spoiler free teasers/quotes from Episode 9, ‘Night Terrors’:

» “Please save me from the monsters.”

» “Planets, history and stuff – that’s what we do!”

» “Maybe we should let the monsters gobble him up?”

» “The TARDIS has gone funny again, some time-slippy thing.”

» “When I was your age – ooh, about 1,000 years ago – I loved a bedtime story.”

» “I’m not as daft as I look. In fact, I’m not daft at all.”

» “Off the scale… off the scale… off the scale…”

» “Bergerac? God help us!”

» “You see these eyes, they’re old eyes.”

» “What is it with these photos?”