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Ninth Doctor To Star In 1984

Christopher Eccleston will be starring in a two part BBC Radio 4 adaptation of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984, the first part of which is set to broadcast on February 10th.

Listeners outside of the UK may be able to listen via the BBC iPlayer Global service, though we cannot confirm that at this time.

This new adaptation, which sees Christopher Eccleston step into the lead role of on Winston Smith, is part of a larger series of programmes dubbed “The Real George Orwell”. Several more of his novels, including Animal Farm, will also be adapted by the BBC.

Eccleston joins Patrick Troughton, most famous for his role as the second Doctor, and Peter Cushing, who played the Doctor in two non-canonical Doctor Who films in the 1960’s as actors who have played Winston Smith over the years.

If you can’t wait for some 1984 action, I recommend tracking down the 1984 film version starring John Hurt. As a fan of the book, it does a fantastic job of using visuals to capture the atmosphere of Orwell’s original.