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No Full Series Until 2014, Multiple 50th Anniversary Episodes In 2013

In the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine, Matt Smith appears to confirm that there will be multiple episodes to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary next year and after the conclusion of Series 7, there will not be another full series until 2014.

Smith, who plays the 11th Doctor, says Steven Moffat’s first Anniversary episode sounds great and the idea is “as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven”.

Matt adds that Moffat pitched the next series (2014) to him and said, “Are you ready to cry?”

When asked for more details, Smith says: “I know absolutely nothing that I can tell you.”

So it looks like 2013 will see the conclusion of Series 7 and multiple special episodes to celebrate the show’s 50th Anniversary and we won’t see another full series until 2014.