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Oliver Joins The Gallifrey Times Team

I’m the newest member of The Gallifrey Times team. I’m an aspiring writer, actor and, of course, a massive Whovian, so to be a writer for the site is a great honour and one I shall hopefully live up to. 
My love affair with Doctor Who really started with its revival in 2005. Admittedly I can’t remember whether I watched the DVDs of the Classic Era before the show started to get used to it, or afterwards. Ever since 2005, my house has been slowly invaded my numerous Daleks, Cybermen and other ghastly creatures from the Whoniverse. My DVD collection is also slowly digesting the little shelves I have in my bedroom, and will soon have to be relocated to a new home. My favourite Doctor would have to be the Fourth Doctor, as I find that he has the perfect balance of alien qualities, charisma and maturity that the Time Lord needs. 
Recently, using the 50th Anniversary as a catalyst, I’ve began to affirm my presence in Doctor Who fan circles, running a Tumblr and most recently setting up a YouTube channel where I review Doctor Who episodes and give a run down of each Doctor monthly for the 50th Anniversary. Working at The Gallifrey Times opens a new chapter in my contribution to the show’s fan base and also my relationship with Doctor Who as a show.
You can follow me on Twitter at @oliver57jenkins.