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Opinion Article – The Mystery of Clara, The Impossible Girl

This article is written by Andrew Newby.

If you watch the prequel to Series 7 episode The Bells of Saint John, you can see a short clip of the Doctor in a small park sitting sadly on a swing, and a young girl comes and sits on the one next to him. As they gently swing in unison she asks him why he is sad (Quite intuitive of a young child!).

He tells her about how he has lost someone, he bumped into her a couple of times and says he feels maybe if he just wandered about he might bump into her again ‘Sort of like destiny’ – the girl tells him that’s ‘rubbish’ and he laughs and says she’s probably right. So, let’s try and add some logic to all else we know from the character (played by the brilliant Jenna Coleman) up until she and Peter Capaldi are staring at each other by the end of The Time of the Doctor.The key to the mystery is really explained I think in the episode The Name of the Doctor, where three people enter the Doctor’s time-stream- maybe you could say his ‘soul’ – at his grave on Trenzalore. The three in order are The Great Intelligence, followed by Clara and then finally the Doctor. River Song is witnessing this up until the Doctor enters the timelines.

As River Song watches Clara in Trenzalore, she speaks to Clara warning her not to do what she is on the brink of doing. River says ‘The real you will die, you will be turned into a million copies’. Perhaps destiny is rubbish – but conscience, spontaneity and freewill are not. Bravely, but with a tearful, and hopeful smile on her face, Clara walks confidently into the Doctor’s timeline, which visibly ‘heals’ (the Great Intelligence has already referred to the timeline as a ‘wound’).We then see Clara descend into what appears like a Hell as she encounters John Hurt’s Doctor. She is curious about this strange Doctor, saying she knows the Doctor – she’s seen all 11 faces, but she doesn’t know this one. Frequently though Clara and the Doctor refer to each other as ‘my’ – ‘my impossible girl’, and ‘my Doctor’, showing their affection for each other and friendship.

I hope whether impossible or not, she will always continue in the Doctor’s future, maybe not always as his companion, but certainly a permanent element. After all, Clara instigates the saving of Gallifrey, effectively overriding conscience as portrayed by Billy Piper in the appearance of Rose. When Clara is in tears watching ‘Her Doctor’ about to help destroy the Planet in the 50th special, she is able to inspire him this way through emotion in a new direction.I believe in Clara Oswin Oswald, and hope she will always remain a key anchor in the show. Now, rumour has it Matt Smith is to make a Cameo appearance in the 8th series, something about a phone call with Clara. I could be wrong? Still, I think we can all look forward to a fascinating series 8, it would be impossible not to wouldn’t it?!