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Opinion Piece – Doctor Who: The Reason Behind the Love

From the premiere of the first Doctor Who episode, An Unearthly Child to the airing of the most recent episode, The Time of the Doctor, the ratings continue to grow at a rapid speed. But, what is the reason behind the thriving love? Perhaps endearing and charming characters, witty lines, and clever plots are the very aspects that charm viewers into endless, loving affection towards the show. I, personally, would have to agree with those who say clever plots are the main allurement. Many TV shows, movies, or books have one similar flaw: the downfall of unoriginality. This is definitely not the case in Doctor Who.

For example, in The God Complex there are rooms designated for a specific person. In these rooms lie that person’s most horrible nightmare. The concept of a “hotel of fears” appeals to the viewers of Doctor Who because it is something out of the ordinary and outside of the box. In a sense, it is also the unknown which might be the greatest fear shared among all humanity-which if you think about it, might be the very reason behind why so many people find the show so incredibly enticing!

On another note, people like to think, problem solve, and rationalize. It’s in our blood! And that is exactly what this show makes us do, although sometimes we don’t even realize it. Our mind explores the topic of space and time, generating new thoughts and theories about science and real life situations, and it makes us excited. That feeling of excitement is what draws us to Doctor Who; it’s the very emotion that keeps us watching.