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Pearl Mackie answers fan questions at German Comic Con

Before we see her give her final farewell in Twice Upon a Time, Pearl Mackie, who plays the 12th Doctor’s companion Bill, visited fans at German Comic Con on October 1st. Greeted with cheers and applause the actress took questions from the audience to give a little insight into her views and experiences in working on Doctor Who.

The 30 year old actress got her big television break in 2014 when she played Anne-Marie Frasier in Doctors, a long running soap opera that airs on BBC One. However, she is best known by the Whovian community as Bill Potts, the spunky, question asking companion of the 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

Mackie appeared lovely as always when she took the stage wearing a burgundy form fitting dress, a black leather jacket and a pair of black trainers. Seated comfortably in a chair decked out in comic book images beside the panel moderator the actress was all smiles as the floor opened up for questions.

When asked by a fan how long the Doctor Who actors had to rehearse each episode Mackie replied “It takes about two and a half weeks to film an episode — two and a half to three weeks.” Continuing, “We rehearse every morning really. We sort of go through the scene, Peter and I and the director.” She explained that during the scene rehearsal they “play around with it” until it feels right “and then they turn the cameras on.” She admitted that they “don’t get much rehearsal time” but since they are able to experiment with the scenes for each take they are “always rehearsing but also always performing as well.”

When asked what the best bit about filming series 10 was Mackie said “I think the best bit about it was working with Peter. He’s amazing.” She continued to praise the actor explaining that she felt “lucky to work with him” and calling him “an incredible Doctor Who.” This notion seemed to please the audience who cheered loudly in approval.

One audience member asked what companion Mackie would choose if she had been the Doctor.  “That’s a tough one,” Mackie admitted as she pondered the question before deciding on the panel moderator who seemed thoroughly thrilled with her choice. He even suggested that as her companion he would be her slave, making her coffee every morning, among other chores.

One fan asked if she thought Bill should meet Captain Jack Harkness and Mackie responded “Who wouldn’t want to meet Captain Jack?”

Not all questions asked of the actress were Doctor Who related. When one fan asked what Disney character Mackie would like to be she responded “Moana” with absolutely no hesitation at all.

You can see the full Q&A session below.