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Peter Capaldi Interview And Competition In Radio Times

The latest issue of the Radio Times features an interview with Peter Capaldi to promote the upcoming Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

radio times doctor who peter capaldi

The interview includes his views on being an older Doctor, how he sees the character and the topic of the show becoming too complicated for younger viewer.

The thing about Doctor Who is the constitution of the audience. It covers a huge age range, so you have to entertain little kids and you have to entertain hipsters and students, and middle-aged men who should know better. So sometimes there is a kind of metaphysical and intellectual aspect to it, which is more to the fore than other times. But generally we just blow up monsters. There are some moments when you feel, that’s a little bit silly, or that’s a bit mawkish or whatever, but then you realise, that’s for children. You would be a fool not to play to them, because it’s their show.

The magazine, which is available in shops from today, also features a competition to win an exclusive piece of artwork taken from their Capaldi photoshoot (see below). To win, Readers will need to answer four questions; the first appearing in this week’s edition and the rest over the next three issues.

radio times doctor who peter capaldi