Peter Capaldi talks filming his final Doctor Who episode

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi has been talking about his feelings on leaving Doctor Who during next week’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time.

The actor – who will hand over the TARDIS key to new Doctor Jodie Whittaker during the festive special – shared his thoughts on leaving the show in an official behind-the-scenes video, with additional contributions from Twice Upon a Time co-stars Mark Gatiss and Toby Whithouse:

Capaldi has also released a farewell message marking the end of his four-year tenure as the Doctor:

Doctor Who has taken me on an amazing journey. Now that it’s coming to an end, I wish the Doctor all the very best for the future, and the past, and everything in-between. Time I was off.”

Twice Upon a Time airs on Christmas Day at 5:30pm on BBC One.

[Source: BBC]