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Peter Purves On Missing Doctor Who Episodes

The recent announcement of recovered missing episodes has sparked much excitement from Doctor Who fans, including actor Peter Purves. The actor, who played companion Steven Taylor opposite William Hartnell’s First Doctor, was asked in a recent interview about his thoughts on the new found episodes.

In an interview on Radio Norfolk he said of the announcement:

“Well I’ve heard that this announcement’s coming. this rumour has been going on for months and no one has declared it anywhere, it’s been kept well under wraps. I think probably as the anniversary’s coming up on the 23rd and 24th of November, I thought that would be when the announcement was made, but obviously something’s leaked so they’re going to make an announcement earlier.”

With regards to episodes in which he starred, he said:

“I don’t know what’s been found. I was told that a huge tranche of these tins of film, because everything was transferred from tape onto cine film… back in the 60s, they were transferred onto telecine because that was the format in which they were sold abroad, and if they’ve been found then i’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ve got. Because there were 106 missing episodes and of those 29 were episodes I was in. I really hope some of mine have turned up because I never saw them. I didn’t see them when they went out. We couldn’t record things in those days and the time was awkward – it used to go on a Saturday – it was never repeated. So if you didn’t see them when they went out you never saw them.”

The original recording of the interview can be heard here