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Mini Doctor Who Adventure To Première Next Week Online

Man, I love Doctor Who. Don’t you? I wish I could watch a new piece of it everyday. What’s that? I can?

Yes, ahead of the Series 7 the BBC will be showing a series of mini-episodes collectively called Pond Life. The five episodes will be shown daily from Monday 27th of August, up until Friday 31st.

The premise is simple. What do the Ponds do when the Doctor drops out of their life? Well we’re about to find out. One of the most notable things about Amy and Rory is that it’s been made clear that they maintain a life outside of the TARDIS, having gotten married and owning a house. A house where they’ve even spent several Christmases that possibly didn’t involve an alien invasion!

And Pond Life will show us the chaos of the everyday lives of the Pond when the Doctor isn’t around. It’s new ground for the franchise, and I really hope it turns out well.

The first episode will be available from the BBC site at noon on the 27th, with the others presumably also going live at the same time each day. And we here at The Gallifrey Times will keep you posted with coverage of the series.