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Radio Times Teases Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Plans

The latest print edition of Radio Times (16-22 February), out this week, adds to the rumours swirling around Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary – and gives us a first pictorial glimpse of David Bradley as William Hartnell in the drama An Adventure in Time and Space.

The magazine – which has provided much publicity for Doctor Who over the years – mentions various plans with which regular Gallifrey Times readers will be familiar, such as special postage stamps, the BBC Books series and forthcoming audios from AudioGO and Big Finish.

It also states: ‘For later this year, there are rumours of a convention, documentaries on BBC3, a Culture Show special on BBC2, an edition of Sue MacGregor’s The Reunion on Radio 4…’

Neil Cross’s forthcoming Series 7 (part 2) episode title is confirmed as Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.  There’s also a hint that The Great Intelligence – last seen (or heard) in the 2012 Christmas Special – may return.

A related feature covers the start of filming for An Adventure in Time and Space, with a photo of David Bradley in costume as William Hartnell and Lesley Manville as Hartnell’s wife Heather.

Also in each issue of Radio Times this week are eight free postcards, divided into two sets of four, depending on which version the customer buys.  The postcards feature Doctor Who-themed Radio Times front cover artwork from years gone by.  Set 1 features the 11th Doctor and Amy from April 2011; the 3rd Doctor and the Daleks from January 1972; the 2nd Doctor from January 1968; and the 10th Doctor from November 2009.  Set 2 features the ‘Five Doctors’ artwork from the 20th anniversary special in 1983; a Cybermen front cover from the 2nd Doctor era; Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor; and the 11th Doctor and Clara from the 2012 Christmas special.

Finally, the magazine has a special offer of a limited edition Doctor Who and the Companions, plus two lenticular posters, from £17.99 including p&p.

DALEK FOOTNOTE: the Radio Times website reports that BBC Head of Drama Ben Stephenson has hinted of a return for the Daleks at some point during this anniversary year…