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Radio Times: Updated Dalek Designs and ‘Top Secret’ Surprise

The new Radio Times focuses on the five episodes which begin with Asylum of the Daleks this Saturday, 1 September.  The front and back covers open out to a double gatefold guide to some of the Daleks to be seen in this episode – including one from the early 1960s and a new version of the ‘Paradigm’ design from Victory of the Daleks, complete with deeper colour tone and a fleshy eye embedded in the eyestalk…
Inside, there’s a Q&A with Matt Smith and departing co-stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in which – among other things – Gillan mentions what she took from the TARDIS set after filming her final episode.

Steven Moffat provides a guide to each of the five episodes in the autumn 2012 run, with some teaser text, details of guest stars and a quotation in each case:

Asylum of the Daleks: ‘Does it surprise you to know that the Daleks have a concept of beauty?’

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: ‘Enjoy your bounty.’

A Town Called Mercy: ‘Could everyone who’s not an American drop their weapon!’

The Power of Three: ‘The day the Earth got cubed. The year of the slow invasion. The time the Doctor came to stay.’

The Angels Take Manhattan: ‘Never let him see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn’t like endings.’

As hinted above, the fourth episode sees the Doctor come to stay with the Ponds.  The cast list for Asylum of the Daleks includes Naomi Ryan as a character called… Cassandra.

The listings section for Saturday 1 September chooses Asylum of the Daleks as Drama of the Week and warns us to ‘stay alert for a major, top-secret surprise just after the title sequence…’