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Reece Sheersmith Plays Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Drama

We already knew that David Bradley had landed the role of William Hartnell in Mark Gatiss’ drama An Adventure in Space and Time, which depicts the early days of Doctor Who.  Now news is out of the actor who is playing Hartnell’s successor as the Doctor, Patrick Troughton – Reece Sheersmith.

Sheersmith is best known as one of Mark Gatiss’ co-stars in the long-running TV comedy sketch show The League of Gentlemen. His other credits include Spaced, a West End production of The Producers and Psychoville.

The presence of Patrick Troughton, as played by Sheersmith, in An Adventure… raises the intriguing possibility that we might see a dramatic recreation of the very first regeneration of the Doctor – as originally seen in the series in the Cybermen debut story The Tenth Planet.